A flower world is shown up on the Sandbar. Flower Festival At Uminonakamichi Seaside Park.


The place to be introduced this time is Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (海ノ中道海浜公園) in Higashi-ward, Fukuoka. This park is a national park located on top of the sandbar that connects the Kyushu mainland and Shikanoshima Island (志賀島).

About 260 ha of this park is divided into seven areas for each theme such as flower area, nature experience area, and resort area. Interacting with animals in the petting zone, or cycling in the large park, or having BBQ in the day camp field, you won’t be bored even you spent all day there. There are also Sun Shine Pool (summer only) which is the largest in West Japan, and *Marine World Uminonakamichi with a panoramic aquarium, but these facilities need extra charge. *Due to the renewal open from April 2017, Marine World Uminonakamichi is closed from October 3, 2016.ws000005

The seasonal flowers can be enjoyed in the park and it is being held “Uminaka-Hanamatsuri (Flower Festival)” from October each year. You can enjoy 1.5 million of cosmos, and 20,000 of cockscomb, and 170 kinds of roses during the festival. I am going to introduce this Flower Festival I visited last year.

let’s walk though the park!

This time I went to the park from Saitozaki-Station (西小崎駅) of JR Kashii-Line (JR香椎線). You can go in to the park from Uminonakamichi-Station (海ノ中道駅), but I simply had slept past my station. By the way, Saitozaki-Station is the final station of JR-Kashii-Line. s-pa240836

The park-gate came into sight when I went from the station to the north. This is the west entrance of the park.s-pa240837ws000006

I bought a ticket at the ticket vending machine. Tickets will be 410 yen for 15 years  old and over. Under 7 years old are free of charge.s-pa240840 s-pa240841

A wheelchair and an electric cart, a stroller can be borrowed free in the park. The photo below are recreation tools and are also free of charge.s-pa240843

Head out to ‘Hana-no-Oka (Hill of flower)’ to the left direction from the west entrance. I found Kochia on the way. The park is filled with many kinds of seasonal flowers and trees.s-pa240845 s-pa240850s-pa240851

A light meal is available at a rest house near the Oshibafu-Hiroba (大芝生広場: The large lawn area).s-pa240853 s-pa240855

It is a putter golf area in the large lawn area. The lawn area is about 24 hectares and we can enjoy a variety of activities. We will reach to the hill of flower after we pass through here.s-pa240856

An amazing view of Cosmos.

Arrived at the hill of flower. A million of cosmos came into view.s-pa240858

The field is filled with about 150 million of cosmos.s-pa240860

We can walk through the flower garden. It’s like being in another world.s-pa240861 s-pa240865 s-pa240866

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The next is yellow cosmos. Golden flower garden is followed to the hill.s-pa240868s-pa240876

Overlook the cosmos field from a little high place. It was worth coming to look. s-pa240877

The Animal Forest.

I left the hill of flower and went to ‘the animal forest (動物の森).s-ws000000

The cage is almost not used is this petting zoo. So we can have fun with animals in the nature.s-pa240890s-pa240887

There is no large animal but it is a popular spot for children because they can see animals near and touch or even feed them.s-pa240891 s-pa240892 s-pa240895

Other places to visit

There are a lot of places to visit in this park. The photo below is a rose garden. You can enjoy about 170 species of roses. But the time for the rose was a little early at this time.s-pa240905 s-pa240906

This place is “Flower Museum”. The theme of this facility is “An art museum of the flower without the roof”.s-pa240907 s-pa240908

“Children’s Playground”.s-pa240910 s-pa240911 s-pa240912

Wonder Shuttle Restaurant. Here is the food court. This food court and the rest house that previously introduced are the only places for offering meal in this park. s-pa240917 s-pa240918

I walked through the park on foot and arrived at the Uminonakamichi Station which is the entrance of the east side at last. This time, I entered from the west entrance, and visited the large lawn area, animal forest, rose garden, flower museum, children’s Playground, these main facility of the park, and it took about 2 hours. We can walk around in the park on foot, but a bus (100 yen per ride) is operated during the event period like the Flower Festival of this time. We can rent a bicycle in the park or even bring our own bicycle here.s-pa240924

Uminonakamichi-Seaside-Park Information
Opening hours: Mar – Oct: 9:30-17:30, Nov – Feb: 9:30-17:00.

*Flower Festival: Oct 1 – Nov 6.
Closing day: Dec 31 – Jan 1, 1st Monday and the following day of Feb.
Admission fee: 15 and over: 410 yen, 65 and over: 210 yen, 7 – 14 years old: 80 yen, and under: for free.
Address: 〒811-0321 Saitozaki 18−25, Fukuoka Higashi Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Access: From JR Hakata Station (JR博多駅): Take a JR Kagoshima Main line (JR鹿児島本線) and get off at JR Kashii Station (JR香椎駅). Change to JR Kashii Line (JR香椎線) until Uminonakamichi Station (海ノ中道駅).
There are many ways to get there. Pls check the Park Guide below.
Links:  Home Page (Japanese), Park Guide (English). アクセスガイド

Other info:


* Ferris wheel has ended the business at the end of August 2015.

*Park train has ended the business on March 27, 2016.

*Due to the renewal open from April 2017, Marine World Uminonakamichi is closed from October 3, 2016. 

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