Only locals know? How to get a discount seafood & Tuna cutting demonstration!


This is the second time to visit Fukuoka city fish market (Called 福岡市鮮魚市場 or 長浜鮮魚市場). Last time, I introduced inside of the Market hall building (市場会館棟) and its seafood restaurants. I also took some photos of the workers who were packing and loading tunas to the trucks. Fukuoka city fish market and fresh seafood at the local restaurants (Link for the last entry)

40 of seafood shops

This time, I visited there on the second Saturday which is the day market opens for the public once in a month (It is called Citizen Thanksgiving Day 市民感謝デー). From 9 to 12 o’clock, locals can enter the intermediate wholesale building (仲卸市場棟) and there are various of seafood are sold with reasonable price.s-IMG_3340 s-IMG_3342

The building was crowded with local people. Some people brought small carrier carts or cooler bags to carry the purchased seafood.s-IMG_3344 s-IMG_3345 s-IMG_3346

There was a huge selection of seafood we can buy with low price such as a whole red snapper, sashimi of tuna and blowfish, dried fish of Squid and horse mackerel, oysters, shrimps and more.s-IMG_3347 s-IMG_3348s-IMG_3373s-IMG_3355  s-IMG_3374

It’s saying “Fish display corner”, “Do you know those fish?”. I have no idea of these fish’s name even in Japanese…s-IMG_3353s-IMG_3351

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The cutting demonstration of Tuna

Furthermore, one of the pleasures of here is a cutting demonstration of tuna (マグロの解体ショー). They cut bluefin tuna by the huge knife and sell every parts of it with very low price. The show usually starts around 9:30 until 10:00.s-IMG_3356 s-IMG_3360 s-IMG_3365

Try some restaurants

If you get hungry, there are other places to satisfy your hunger in this area. You might taste fresh seafood at the restaurant in the Market hall building (市場会館棟) which is just in front of the intermediate wholesale building (仲卸市場棟). * Most of restaurants are closed on Sundays and public holidays.s-IMG_3376 s-IMG_3378 s-IMG_3379

Other Informations

Or, try some food stalls in front of the Market hall building (Open only on Citizen Thanksgiving Day). Also, we can get a free gift for the prize if you fill out a questionnaire (In Japanese only though). There are some such fun here. So don’t miss this Citizen Thanksgiving Day (市民感謝デー) on the second Saturday of each month.s-IMG_3393s-IMG_3387

Fill out this questionnaire.s-IMG_3386

Then, I got a free gift.s-IMG_3391

Fukuoka Fish Market Information

Opening hours: From 9:00 to noon

Closed: Sundays and public holidays
Tuna dismantling show: Around 9:30 to 10:00

Address: 3-11-3, Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (福岡市中央区長浜3丁目11番3号)

From Tenjin (天神): Use Subway Airport line (地下鉄空港線), get off at Akasaka station (赤坂駅). Use exit 1 or 3 then walk to the North on Taisho-Dori (大正通り) for 10 minutes.
From Hakata: Same as Tejin route.
By Bus: Take Nishitetsu bus (西鉄バス) and get off at Nagahama 2-chome bus stop (長浜2丁目) or at Homukyoku-mae bus stop (法務局前) then 5 min to walk).

Links: Fukuoka City, Nagahama Fish Market


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