Experiencing the traditional style of food stalls (Yatai) in Japan.


Yatai (food stalls) is one of the best places to visit in Fukuoka. They basically provide dishes such as Oden (Hot pot. Stew Japanese radish, boiled eggs and other variety of ingredients in a pot with dashi soup), Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) and of course Tonkotsu Ramen (noodle with a pork bone broth).

Food stalls show up some areas in Fukuoka city basically after 18:00 o’clock. I visited Nakasu (中洲) area in this time which is located in the center of city just 10 minuets to walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin station (西鉄天神駅). There are around 20 Yatai line up along the Nakasu river.s-IMG_2952WS00002

Not only locals visit Yatai, there are also many tourists visit here. You might wait in a line especially at the weekends.s-IMG_2951s-IMG_2945

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Normally, customers sit the bar table in front of the chef and there is no extra table in Yatai. People sit closely packed but it makes the atmosphere good and warm. My friend and I ordered Tonkotsu ramen and some other dishes. They also provide some alcohol.s-IMG_2947 s-IMG_2949 s-IMG_2950

Nakasu Yatai Information

Opening hours: Around 6 pm to 1 am.

Closed: Mostly on Sunday, but some of them are open.

Address: Nakasu 1Chome Hakata/33.590830, 130.407645 (on Google map)
From Tenjin station(天神駅):
Walk: About 10~13 minuets.
Subway: Airport Line (地下鉄空港線) towards Fukuoka Airport (福岡空港行き), get off at Nakasukawabata Station (中洲川端駅), then walk to Haruyoshi-bashi (春吉橋) about 8 minuets.
Bus: Bus number 46, 8 or use a roop bus, get off at Haruyoshi bus stop (春吉). Choose any buses, they cost only 100 yen. Then head east on Kokutai road about 5min.
From Hakata station (博多駅):
Subway: Airport Line towards Meinohama (地下鉄空港線 姪の浜行き), get off at Nakasukawabata Station (中洲川端駅),then walk to Haruyoshi-bashi (春吉橋) about 8 minuets.
Bus: Bus number 46, 6, 6-1 (also 100 yen), get off at Minamishinchi (南新地). Then head west on Kokutai road about 2 min.

Other information: Yatai basically close on Sundays or when the weather is bad. Though it depends on the Yatai.

The map below is Yatai area in Fukuoka. Basically there are three areas, Nakasu (中洲), Tenjin (天神), and Nagahama (長浜).

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