It’s always super deals! Excellent 100 yen shop in Japan: Visited DAISO at Hakata bus terminal.


Since it opened stores a lot on abroad, I think many people have already known about “DAISO”. But how about their home in Japan? Is there any difference between Japan’s and the other countries’? This time, I went to 100 yen shop DAISO in the Hakata bus terminal building next to the Hakata Station.

A synonym for 100 yen shop: DAISO.

Let me introduce about DAISO to you who already know its name but actually never visited. DAISO is the most popular 100 yen shop in Japan. There are about 2900 shops nationwide, and about 1400 shops in 26 overseas countries. DAISO is selling about 50,000 kinds of products, and 300-500 kinds of new products are developed every month. They sell many different kinds of goods includes clothes, food, gardening supplies, daily necessities. It’s almost difficult to find the things they don’t sell.

DAISO photo

Photo by {Amy_Jane} DAISO in Tokyo

“100 yen shop? Isn’t it low quality?”, even some of Japanese think that way too. However, when actually go to DAISO, they will aware that it is not really true. The items sold in DAISO work properly, and there are many products which are useful and convenient. In fact, some of products that are sold in other stores with much higher price can be found in DAISO at only 100 yen. It happens quite often.

A country of 100 yen shops.

There are many 100 yen shops in Japan other than DAISO. “CanDo” has many goods with original idea, a large selection of cute items can be found at “Seria”, and there are many other 100 yen shops. So you can enjoy the 100 yen shopping everywhere in Japan.s-WS000000

It has to be high quality.

Japan is not a big country, and is packed with a lot of shops such as supermarket, department store, convenience store, drug store, and 100 yen shop. And you can find similar products from any of those shops.

For example, it is easy to find the goods such as frozen food or snacks or stationary at drug store. Supermarket and convenience store are also the same. Because it is such a competitive state, 100 yen shop emphasize the quality of products, make new items everyday, and trying to make a difference with others.

Visited DAISO at Hakata bus terminal.

I am going to introduce a DAISO shop in the Hakata bus terminal that I visited. This is a large store with more than 900 square meters. It is just 180m from JR Hakata station (JR博多駅), and always crowded with customers. The store divided into various parts such as stationery, interior, kitchen supplies, and more.s-2016-01-16 19.02.42

This is a section of tableware.s-2016-01-16 18.58.05

Various types of tableware are lined beautifully. It will be fun by just looking around.s-2016-01-16 18.56.20

Some elaborate, and a little bigger items are more than 100 yen. Price is labeled on those items. The below teapot is 300 yen.s-2016-01-16 18.56.46

Kitchen supplies.
s-IMG_20140115_223149 - コピー

Laundry articles.
s-IMG_20140115_223306 - コピー

Gardening supplies.
s-IMG_20140115_223428 - コピー

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Stationery supplies.
s-IMG_20140115_224032 - コピー

s-IMG_20140115_223651 - コピー

Supplies for medical and nursing care.
s-IMG_20140115_223751 - コピー

By the way, I bought the goods below this time. It is products of the kitchen article.

Julienne peeler. You don’t need an explanation for this item, right? You can shred vegetables.s-P1291323

Kitchen timer with magnet. A battery (for testing) is also attached. Avoid overcooked pasta.s-P1291333

Scum absorbent sheet. Place the sheet on the cooking in the pot. It absorbs excess oil and soup scum while cooking.s-2016-03-11 22.32.08

Bottle opener. You can open bottles or jars easily with this. It is useful for elderly.s-P1291319 s-P1291325

Egg hole puncher. Boiled egg shells can peeled off easily.s-P1291327 s-P1291329

The difference that between DAISO and dollar stores.

I sometimes went to dollar stores at overseas. I could buy a variety of products same as Japan, but I still felt the difference between them and 100 yen shop in Japan.

It’s 100 yen (a dollar), but the goods are packaged carefully and lined beautifully as “Still, it is 100 yen” in Japan. For example, at DAISO, the store is very bright and secure, and it does not have any feeling such as “I’m buying the cheap ones”.

Then, everybody picks up products and looks one by one, and can enjoy shopping while walking slowly in peace.

At the same time, I found many unique goods at DAISO. Isn’t it natural that you feel you want to try it when you found a unique and interesting goods at only 100 yen (a dollar)?

Remarks: When you shop at the 100 yen shop in Japan, remember tax is excluded. So bring extra 8% (current tax rate) with you!

DAISO information

AccessDAISO Hakata Bus Terminal
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DAISO  (Grobal site)

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