It’s not only wisteria, but Autumn leaves are also amazing! Autumn leaves in 2015 at Kawachi Fuji Garden!


This year of 2015, I’ve watched Autumn leaves in Kawachi-Fuji-Garden. Kawachi-Fuji-Garden is well known for wisteria flower. But it’s also known for locals as secret spot for autumn leaves. You can easily find some authentic photos of autumn leaves at Kawachi-Fuji-Garden on the web if you search “河内藤園 紅葉 画像”. ←Copy & Paste it. But before that, let me introduce it first!

Koyo (autumn leaves) at Kawachi Fuji Garden in 2015!

In Japan of this year, the season for colored leaves was late because of the warm winter, and it seems that it was difficult to determine the best time to see in this Kawachi-Fuji-Garden as well. So, I went to there twice to check the state of the leaves. Yes, thank you very much. I’m a hard worker.

Speaking of Kawachi-Fuji-Garden, it is super difficult to access to the garden during Golden Week of May in Japan due to the traffic jam. There is only one road can be accessed from both north and south. Last time I visited here in May, it took about 3 hours. So, how about in the season of autumn leaves?

It is not crowded at all in autumn!

Unlike during the spring holidays, it was not crowded at all in the fall. I used Nishitetsu bus this time as well, and it took only 20 minutes this time. And then another 40-50 minutes on foot via the Kawachi reservoir from the Kamijyuta bus stop (上重田バス停). On the way, you can also enjoy autumn leaves of Kawachi reservoir (河内貯水池).

If you don’t want to walk at all, then you might use a free shuttle bus organized by “Ajisai-no-Yu (あじさいの湯)“. Ajisai-no-Yu is a hot spring facility and located just next to the garden. It has the facilities of public toilet, restaurant, and rest space for the customers of hot spring. If you use the shuttle bus, then it’s better to visit this hot spring facility as well. Besides, there is no restaurant or shops or even vending machines around there other than Ajisai-no-Yu.Kawachi s-PB231014 s-PB231015 s-PB231016 s-PB231018

Arrived at Kawachi Fuji Garden!

The entrance fee is 300 yen. We enjoy the colored leaves while up the hill in the garden. It was beautiful the contrast of fallen leaves and colored leaves. Unfortunately, weather wasn’t well.s-PC041046s-PC041055s-PC041057

It was only 30% of leaves turned red when I came in the end of November. But the next time I visited, it was 110 % and some were already turned fallen leaves. It seems pretty colored since the beginning of December.s-PC041080 s-PC041089 s-PC041104

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I think that we can look around in the garden about 30 minutes. It was cold on this day though. Temperature drops in December, this day had become below 10 degrees.s-PC041105 s-PC041110 s-PC041133

There were a variety of colored fallen leaves on the ground and they were so beautiful.s-PC041093s-PC041126

By the way, the photos below are the comparison between spring and winter of wisteria tunnel. It’s like this during the winter.s-P5020282Wisteria tunnel in the winther

After the autumn leaves, I visited Ajisai-no-Yu to have a hot spring. Admission is 840 yen for adults, children (under 16 years) is 420 yen. There are open-air bath, private bath (prior booking essential), sauna, and Jacuzzi. You can buy a small towel (160 yen), and rent a bath towel (260 yen). Shampoo and body soap are available in the bathroom.

You can buy some local farm products at the shop.Ajisai-noYu

Use of the shoebox is required deposit of 100 yen.s-PC041144

After the hot springs, I visited the restaurant on the 2nd floor. You have to buy a ticket from this machine first, and give it to a waiter at a table.s-PC041145

I ordered “Ajisai-Gozen (あじさい御前)”, 1280 yen. You can choose Udon or Soba noodle. Sushi and tempura and some others are included.s-PC041146

Well, how was the autumn leaves of 2015? Kawachi Fuji Garden is the great place to take a photo and enjoy the autumn leaves. It’s not crowded at all in the fall unlike the spring. How does it sound taking a holiday for the autumn leaves and hot springs next year in Japan?s-PB231029

Kawachi Fuji Garden (河内藤園) Information
Opening season: Late-April to Early-May for wisteria flower, Mid-Nov to Mid-Dec for Autumn leaves.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 18:00
Admission fee: 300 – 1000 yen (300 yen for autumn leaves)
Tell: +81 93-652-0334
Address: 2-2-46 Kawachi, Yahata Higashi ward, Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka 福岡県北九州市八幡東区河内2-2-46
Access: Recommended ways from JR Yahata station (JR八幡駅)
1. Free shuttle bus (Bus: 20 min & Walk: 3 min): Take a free shuttle bus organized by “Ajisai-no-Yu:あじさいの湯” from JR Yahata station. Ajisai-no-Yu is close to the garden just walk by 3 min. But this hot spring facility is not related to the garden. So if you plan to use this bus, it’s better to use its facility such as hot spring or buy something at there.
2. Nishitetsu bus & walk (Bus: 20 min & Walk: 50 min): Take Nishitetsu bus (西鉄バス) from JR Yahata station to “Kamijyuta;上重太” bus stop and walk to the garden. Bus fare is 260 yen.
3. Car rental is also an option in the winter season.

Parking: Available.

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